Tips For Staying At Iowa City, Iowa Hotels

If you have an upcoming stay booked at a hotel in Iowa City, Iowa, there are some important tips that can make your visit a lot safer and more enjoyable. The last thing that you want is for a problem with your hotel room to ruin your trip. To avoid any mishaps, be sure to follow these suggestions:

1. Reserve your room well in advance of when you plan on traveling. Nothing is worse than waiting until the last minute to reserve a hotel room and finding out that there are no rooms available at your preferred hotel. As soon as you know your travel dates, get online or pick up the phone and make a reservation.

2. Make security a priority. When you are in your room, always keep the door chain or deadbolt closed. If someone knocks on your door, be sure to look through the peephole before opening it up. If your door doesn’t have a peephole and you weren’t expecting anyone to come by, consider calling the front desk to see if they sent someone up. It is always best to err on the side of caution when you are staying in a strange place rather than taking a risk with your personal safety.

3. Check for bedbugs. Bedbug infestations are surprisingly common at hotels. You definitely don’t want to bring any of these nasty little critters home with you. Protect yourself by waiting to unpack until you have a chance to inspect the mattress. Place your suitcase up off of the floor on a luggage rack when you walk into the room. Then, give the mattress a good once-over, checking all of the seams of the mattress for any signs of bedbugs. Inspect the furniture, as well, checking any dark nooks and crannies where bedbugs could hide.

4. Inspect your bill for extra charges before you check out. The best way to avoid surprises on your bill is by reviewing it before you check out. Keep an eye out for extra charges for things like using your room phone or connecting to the hotel’s Wi-Fi connection. If there are any discrepancies that you need to resolve, the staff at the front desk should be happy to help.

Staying at Iowa City, Iowa hotels is a lot more enjoyable and a lot safer when you follow these tips. By being prepared and taking a few extra security precautions, you can help ensure that your trip goes smoothly from the time you check into your room until the time you leave.