Iowa City Restaurant Picks That You Will Think Are Quite Charming

When you’re trying to find some great food to eat in Iowa City, you’re going to discover quite a few restaurant choices. While that is the case, I’m about to help point you in the right direction. While there are many great places to eat, I’ve selected four that rank highly according to reviews. Here they are, four of the best dining establishments that Iowa City has to offer.

Masala Indian Cuisine is one of them, and you will find this great restaurant at 9 South Dubuque Street. The dining establishment features a lunch buffet, and you’re talking about some tasty food for sure. Do you like spicy food? You’re going to find plenty of it there for sure.

Midtown Family Restaurant is another wonderful place to eat when you’re in Iowa City. Located at 200 Scott Court, Midtown Family Restaurant is known for its comfort food. The pies are said to be delicious, and also, the restaurant is known for serving up a great breakfast. Plus, Friday night is mentioned in the reviews, so perhaps that is the best time to enjoy a good dinner there. Is it going to be Midtown Family Restaurant for your next stop?

Micky’s is located at 11 South Dubuque Street. Get your fish and chips, cobb salad, crinkle fries and more at this wonderful lunch stop. It’s ideal for dining on pub-style food if that’s what you’re looking for. It sounds delicious to me. Of course, all of these picks serve up great food in Iowa City.

Dumpling Darling is another one to add to the list. The address for Dumpling Darling is 213 Iowa Avenue, and of course the dumplings on the menu are what people talk about the most. You can also order up bibimbap, gochujang, rangoon and many great desserts. People say that you can expect amazing food when dining out there. You can get your dumplings steamed or fried. It’s up to you how you want to enjoy them, but Dumpling Darling should be a delight.

Which one of these four Iowa City restaurants is going to be your first stop? If you end up having enough time, you might try them all out with your family. That’s four excellent picks, and I’ve reviewed more of the top places for dining out in Iowa City, too. Keep coming back for more picks if you’re going to be in the area for awhile.